Martial Art Gymnastics

It is also known as Martial arts tricking, is a training discipline that combines martial arts kicks with flips and twists from gymnastics and aims to achieve an aesthetic display of different combinations of tricks unlike many established sports. Tricking has no formal rules & regulations and there are no governing bodies that regulate the sport. It includes parkour and free running. Tricking is the new extreme martial art that is becoming more popular all over the globe.

Tricking is not a new phenomenon but has been growing steadily over a number of years. Tricking involves a blend of spectacular martial arts moves, gymnastics and parkour Tricksters use moves from martial art such as Taekwondo from Korea, Brazilion Capoeira and Chinese wushu. It was from Taekwondo practitioners that the sport of tricking started to grow what makes tricking very appeating is that it is completely free of rules of set style. A trickster is only governed by his or her imagination and what they can physically do. They can be as creative as they want to be.